Cyc Wall, Pre lit with Kinos
17' wide wall x 18' wide wall x 18' deep floor x 13' high ceiling



Video Cameras
1x Arri Alexa Classic with 2k and High Speed licenses
3x Canon C300 Mk2
1x Canon C300 Mk1
1x Canon C100 Mk1 w/AF
4x Canon C100 Mk1

1x Sigma 18-35 f1.8
1x Sigma 24-105 f4
2x Sigma 50-100 f1.8
1x Canon 70-200 f2.8 with IS
1x Canon 24-70 f2.8
1x Zeiss 21mm (for Canon) f2.8
1x Canon Cine Prime Kit (On Request)

Video Monitoring
2x Atomos Sumo 19" Screen and 4k Recorder w/SSD
1x Atomos Shogun 7" Screen and 4k Recorder w/SSD
2x Atomos Ninja Assassin 7" Screen and 4k Recorder w/SSD
1x Atomos Ninja Blade 2 5" Screen and 1080 ProRes recorder w/SSD
1x 24" Dell Computer Monitor on rolling stand

Backdrops & Lighting Grid
12' Wide Seamless rolls in Green, White, Black and Grey. 
9' Wide Seamless roll in blue, red, yellow
12" Mirror Ball with two LED Pin Spots

HMI Light
1x K5600 Joker 800
1 K6500 Joker 800 (on request)

LED Light
1x Litepanels Gemini 2x1
4x Litepanels Astra Bi-Color Lite Panels, '6x' Power, with two Soft Boxes

Grid-Mounted Light (on the cyc)
2x Kino Flo 4'  4-bank (The 'Gaffer Kit' - Tungsten or Daylight)
3x Kino Flo 2' 4-bank (Tungsten or Daylight)

Tungsten / Hot Light
2x Arri 2K with barn doors and scrim kits
1x Arri 650 with barn doors
1x Arri 300 with barn doors
3x Arri 150 with barn doors
1x Source Four Leko Jr 25-50 Focusable
4x Source Four Leko w 50 and 75 degree tubes
1x Lowell VIP with barn doors
1x Westcott TD5 (Daylight or Tungsten)
5x Westcott TD6 (Daylight)

2x Hollywood Combo Steel Stands (14')
16x C-Stands with Boom Arms
1x Short C-Stand with Boom Arm
1x 10' Matthews Junior Boom (heavy duty)
2x 8' Extendable Matthews Boom Arm
1x Avenger 11 Foot Tripod stand
3x Rolling Stands with locking wheels
3x Light-Duty Lighting Stands
16x 15 lb Sandbags
6x 25lb Sandbags
3x Autopoles
3x Cardellini Clamp
2x Quacker Clamp
6x Super Clamp
5x Full Apple Boxes
3x Half Apple Boxes
2x Quarter Apple Boxes
3x Heavy Duty Magic Arm
1x Light Duty Magic Arm

Light Modifiers
1x 8x8 Frame with silk (artificial white), solid black, and ultrabounce
1x 4x4 frame with silk and black
2x Westcott Softbox 36x48 Shallow (connects to speed ring)
1x Westcott Softbox 24x36 (connects to speed ring)
3x Westcott Softbox 12x36 (connects to speed ring)
Chimera Softbox 24x36
Chimera 24x36 Grid for Softbox
1x Scrim Jim frame 4x4
1x Westcott FastFlags kit
1x 2,000 watt dimmer
2x 1,000 watt dimmer
1x Matthews Open End Scrim - White Artificial - 18x24
1x Matthews Open End Scrim - White Artificial - 24x36
1x Matthews Open End Scrim - Black Single - 18x24
1x Matthews Open End Scrim - Black Single - 24x36
1x Matthews Open End Scrim - Black Double - 18x24
1x Matthews Open End Scrim - Black Double - 24x3
1x Matthews 18x24 Flag
1x Matthews 24x36 Flag
1x Matthews Diffusion Frame - 24x36
2x Matthews Flat Knife Blade Gel Frame - 48x48
1x Matthews 48x48 Flag Frame

Camera Rigging
1x Sachtler ACE XL Tripod System with fluid head
1x Manfrotto 536 Carbon Fiber Tripod with 504HD Fluid Head (80" tall)
1x Manfrotto 536 Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs with Sachtler ACE XL Fluit Head
1x Manfrotto 536 Carbon Fiber Tripod with 100mm Half-ball leveler (for mounting slider)
3x Manfrotto Monopod + fluid head
3x Manfrotto Autopoles

1x Phillip Bloom 3' Kessler slider
1x Rhino 2' EVO Slider with motorized control
1x Rhino 4' EVO Slider with motorized control

Gold Mount Batteries
4x Switronix Gold Mount Batteries

Flash Kit
Alienbees Flash Kit

Still Cameras
1x Canon 5D
1x Canon S1
1x Canon EOS M

Rolling Vanity Cart
J-4000M Jiffy Commercial Clothing Steamer
Rolling Garment Rack

1x Zoom F8 Recorder
1x Zoom H6N Recorders
1x DPA 6034 Micwith Microdot-to-1/8" Connector
1x Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lav
2x Countryman Wired Lavs
3x Shure Wired Lavs
1x Sennheiser K6/ME66 Shotgun Mic
1x Shure 7506 Headphones
1x Rode PinMic

MULTI TRACK RECORDING - On Location or in Studio 409
2x JoeCo BBR1B 24 track recorder with iPad control
2x Motu 24ai Interfaces
48x channels of XLR/Mic Splitters + Snakes
6x True Systems Precision 8 channel preamps, 24 ch total

1x Midasr M32R Producer
1x Behringer 16 ch mixer
1x Yamaha 12 ch mixer
2x ElectroVoice SX-100 Powered Speakers
Many mics, stands, etc

1x Pomeranian
1x Tornado Foosball Table
1x 007 Goldeneye Pinball Machine