Floated Floors, Doubled Windows, Remote Controlled Shades, Mini-Split HVAC, and Cedar walls. 

ENGINEERS: Erik Braund, Shane O'Connell [of EZTV]

Trident 80B - 30 Channel 24 Buss Console, 54 Inputs on Mix
Protools HDX 12.3 on a Mac Pro
UAD Octo Card
1x Burl B2 A/D converter
1x Burl B2 D/A converter
4x Lynx Aurora 16ch A/D/A (64 i/o)
1x Burl Vancouver 32ch Summing Mixer
1x Tascam MS16 1" 16-Track Tape Machine
1x Tascam 388 8-Track Tape Machine and Mixer [Available on Request]
1x Ramsa WR-T820 20-Input Console [Available on Request]
TT Patchbays

Barefoot MM27 Gen2
Genelec 1031A
Yamaha NS10
Mackie HR824 [on request]
Dangerous Monitor Controller
Behringer Powerplay Cue System - 6x Units

2x Neve 33114b pre/eq 1-channel
4x API 3124 4-channel
2x BAE API 312 2-channel
2x Great River MP2-NV 2-channel
1x BAE Neve 1272 2-channel
2x DBX 786 2-channel
2x Avalon 737 pre/comp/eq 1-channel
2x AEA RPQ 500-Series
1x Grace 101 1-channel
1x Avalon U5 D.I. 1-channel
30x Trident Pres (on the console)

1x Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor
2x Tube Tech CL1B
1x Retro 176
2x Highland Dynamics BG2
1x Pendulum Audio OCL-2 [2 channel]
1x API 2500 [stereo]
1x SSL G Series FX384 [stereo]
8x Distressor
1x Fatso
1x Teletronix LA-2A
2x UA 1176
1x Drawmer 1968 [2 channel]
1x Inward Connections 'The Brute' 500-series Limiter
1x Schmidlin Fed+
1x DBX 162
2x DBX 165A
2x DBX 160 VU
1x DBX 160 SL
1x XQP DeEsser

1x Manley Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ
1x GML 8200 Stereo EQ
2x Neve 1073LBEQ 500-Series EQ
2x Tube Tech PE1C
1x Pultec HLF3C

1x Thermionic Culture 20th Anniversary Culture Vulture
1x Roland RE-101 Space Echo
1x Lexicon PCM92 Reverb/Delay
1x Demeter RV-D Spring Reverb
1x Sansamp PSA-1
Line6 Guitar Pod Pro Line
6 Bass Pod Pro ReAmp
Radial Stereo J-DI
Countryman Stereo Type 10S D

1x RCA 44-BX (1950s)
2x Coles 4038 Pair [w/stereo bar]
2x sE / Rupert Neve Designs RNR1
2x Royer R-121

2x Neumann U87AI Set Z
1x Neumann U47 FET
1x Neumann SM69 Stereo FET
1x Neumann TLM 103
1x Manley Cardioid Reference Mic
2x Sony C-37P [FET]
2x sE / Rupert Neve Designs RNT Tube
2x Josepson C42
2x Josephson e22s
1x Earthworks PM40T “Piano Mic” Stereo
1x Rode NTK
1x Shure KSM44
1x AKG 451b
1x Blue Bottle Rocket One
2x MBPO 603 A
1x Oktava MK219
2x Shure SM-81
2x Shure Beta 98

10x Sennheiser MD421 mkII
1x Sennheiser MD441
2x Beyer M88 TG
2x Beyer MG201 TG
1x EV RE27
1x EV RE15
1x Shure SM7
1x Telefunken M82 Kick Mic
1x AKG D12 VR Kick MIc
1x Audix D6 Kick Mic
2x Shure Beta 52 Kick Mic
4x Shure SM57
2x Shure Beta 57
2x Shure SM58
1x Shure Beta 58
1x EV 868
1x Yamaha SubKick

6x Sennheiser HD280 Pro
1x Sennhesier HD650
1x Beyerdynamic DT 770 M
1x Beyerdynamic DT 150
2x AKG 240
1x AKG 240 mkII

DRUMS KITS [depth x diameter]
Rogers 1962 'Holiday' Kit in Steel Gray Ripple [9x13, 16x17, 14x22]
Yamaha Recording Custom Kit in Surf Green [8x12, 13x14, 15x16, 14x18 kick]
Ludwig Classic Maple Kit in Green Sparkle [11x13, 16x16, 18x24 kick]
Slingerland 'Studio King' kit in Sunburst [10x12, 16x16, 16x22]
DW Maple Kit - Green Satin [11x13, 16x16, 16x18x, 18x24]
DW Maple Kit - Tangerine Sparkle [8x10, 10x12, 12x14, 20x22]

SNARE DRUMS [depth x diameter]
Ludwig Classic Maple 6.5x15 [green sparkle]
DW Metal Snare - 5x14 [black]
DW Craviatto Snare 5x14 [champgane sparkle]
Sonor Delite Maple Snare 6.5x14 [silver sparkle]
Tama Maple Snare 8x14 [sunburst]
OCDP Copper Snare 6.5x14 [brass]
Pearl Brass Snare 6.5x14 [brass]

Assorted Cymbals
DW & Tama Hardware

EH Memory Man
2x EH Big Muff (US)
EH Small Stone
EH Holy Grail Nano
EH Pulsar Tremolo
EH Electric Mistress Flanger
Way Huge Swollen Pickle
Way Huge Fat Sandwich
ProCo Turbo Rat - Keely Mod ProCo Brat
Soldano Supercharger GTO
ZVex Fuzz Factory
ZVex Box of Rock
ZVex Ooh-Wah
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion Boss OD-1 Overdrive
Boss DD-5 Delay
Boss DD-6 Delay
Boss TR-2 Tremolo
Boss TU-2 Tuner
Boss OC-2 Octave
Boss GE-7 EQ
Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Vox Wah
Seymour Duncan TwinTube
Line6 DL4 Delay
Tech 21 Double Drive - Overdrive

1x Steinway 1940's 6' Baby Grand Piano
2x Micro-Korg
1x Alesis Micron
1x Yamaha P-90 88-key weighted keyboard

Ampete 8x8 Head/Cab Switcher in Control Room
Ampeg 4x10 cab
Gibson Scout 1x12 1960's
Mesa Lone Star 2x12
Mesa 4x12 cab with Celestion 30's Mesa 2x12 cab
Fender Deluxe 1x12
Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12
Fender Bassman Head (1967)
Marshal JCM 2000 DSL100 head
Marshall 4x12 1960b
Marshall 4x12 cab
Yamaha 4x12 cab
Soldano Decatone Head

Fender Mustang (1965)
Fender Mustang (Re-issue) (Japanese) Fender Jag-Stang (Japanese)
Fender Jag-Stang (Japanese)
Fender Jaguar (Re-issue, Japanese) Fender Telecaster (Mexican)
Fender Strat (Silver) (Mexican)
Fender Strat (Gold)(Mexican)
Greco Les Paul (Black Beauty)
PRS CE22 (Silver)
Schecter Hellcat
Taylor 310 Acoustic
Fender P-Bass (USA, 60th Anniversary) Fender P-Bass (Mexican)
Music Man Stingray Bass